Welcome to Bolton Foods Products

We Are Passionate About Quality

Bolton Food Products was founded in 1998 by George Fitzgerald and Douglas Embree. Our mission was to bring the highest quality food products to consumers who wanted to experience the food previously only available to high-end restaurants. Our selection ranging from the finest Beef, Chicken, Pork and Seafood items, we began with 60 items on our menu and are proud today to offer over 125 gourmet food items on our menu. We developed a fleet of customized trucks and certified sales consultants whose goal is not only to supply you with gourmet food but also educate you on the differences in quality and best method of preparing these items. We are focused on customer satisfaction, so we are glad to answer all of your questions. We are available to deliver to your home or office. So take a chance an experience the finest cuisine in the comfort of your own home.