​Arctic Char is fabulous! Delivered to your door by Bolton Foods

Arctic Char is fabulous! Delivered to your door by Bolton Foods in neighborhoods big and small like Markham, Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Pickering and most places across Ontario. Arctic Char is an amazing source of quality nutrition and protein! Loaded with essential fatty acids known as Omega 3’s which are incredibly important for heart and brain health.

Arctic Char is fabulous! Delivered to your door by Bolton Foods makes it easy to have high quality delicious protein from your home freezer, anytime! Arctic char is a delicious , mild flavored fish with a firm but creamy texture. A pink fleshed fish that is rich and flavorful, tastes much like Salmon or Trout with a unique flavor and consistency that many chefs prefer; this delicious cold water fish is also considered more rare than both Salmon and Trout making it more rare and luxurious. Some of the most incredible recipes we’ve ever tasted were entrees using Arctic Char as it lends itself exquisitely to any robust and complex dishes; Pan fried crisp Arctic Char with a complex kumquat compote; broiled honey lemon Arctic Char with cara cara oranges and lemon; or a seared soy-sesame Arctic Char with a delicious loaded vegetable stir fry! With recipes like this and many more – from simple to complex – Arctic Char is fabulous! Delivered to your door by Bolton Foods, we make it easy to create the most delicious, flavorful meals at home for yourself, your family, or construct a complex dinner party menu to impress your most honored guests! Bolton Foods brillant customer services agents are ready to help you curate the most amazing menu to help you host you most fabulous special celebration, with special experience in proper menu planning for weddings, dinner parties, birthdays, anniversary parties and many other of your special moments we can help you ensure you have everything you need to be the best!

Arctic Char is fabulous! Delivered to your door by Bolton Foods means no more fishy smell lingering in your fridge from the sad filet you picked up at the grocery store 2 days ago, but by then had already been 3 days old on the grocery store shelf. Consistent access to incredible tasting, incredibly fresh fish every, single time you want it straight from your home freezer. Sometimes frozen fish can have a bad reputation but we can not wait to change your mind! Our fresh Arctic Char is flash frozen within minutes of being caught, our unique method changes the way the flesh freezes thereby protecting the delicious fish from any altered texture! Never have to deal with rubbery, flavorless fish again! It is smart to have delicious , fresh tasting, high quality protein options for you and your family, especially this high in Omega3 Arctic Char!

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