​Having a freezer so you can get frozen meat delivered is smart.

Having a freezer so you can get frozen meat delivered is smart. High quality proteins and delicious meal options at home is amazing! There are so many benefits to having a large at home freezer and taking advantage of Bolton foods frozen food menu customisation and frozen food delivery that have been made more notable in recent times. Covid19 and month long stay at home orders, careful trip planning, avoiding unnecessary outings and the virtual shut down of all our favorite restaurants has made us all the more grateful for delivery services of not only frozen meats, foods and groceries but also simple at home essentials. Many of us had to find new ways to feed ourselves and our families with minimum grocery store trips, and almost no restaurant options beyond fast food, learning and teaching ourselves new recipes, new cooking methods, using our available resources such as delivery systems and in some cases growing our own fresh herbs and vegetables in every effort to limit outings and grocery store trips.

Having a freezer so you can get frozen meat delivered is smart as it allows us to always have healthy, nutrient dense protein options to serve our family and enjoy ourselves. Bolton foods provides an exceptional restaurant quality menu items that have been hand chosen and selected for our customers. Flash frozen and vacuum sealed , our butchers ensure the best product possible and avoiding any textural or taste differences upon properly thawing, this is as fresh and flavorful as it gets! Most freezer meats can get a bad reputation because of improper storage techniques, which can cause the water molecules trapped in the meat to expand and essentially rip apart the flesh and change the texture and often draining it of some of its flavor. Our specialised method and careful processing ensures the most delicious, fresh tasting and nutrient dense organic free range chicken, canadian prime rib and our wild caught fish and seafoods possible for our customers, family and friends. Having a freezer so you can get frozen meat delivered is smart not only ensuring we always have delicious protein options at our fingertips but also provides an excellent money saver! Buying in bulk has always been in fashion, we know that often making large hauls of meat on sale has almost always been on trend, just go to any grocery store when they have a great sale on meat and witness the carts full of stacks of meat, some of this won’t make it to the table and will be freezer burnt and discarded or lacking so much flavor much will be left on our plates. Bulk buying in this way is old fashioned, bring yourself into the modern world with exceptional quality, never boring Bolton foods frozen meat delivery!

You can count on Bolton Foods for home delivery of Canadian Prime Angus Beef, Organic Chicken, Wild Caught Fish & Seafood serving Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Woodbridge, Pickering, the GTA and most towns across Ontario. Visit BoltonFoods.com for details.