Angus Beef – what makes it special?

By now, you will have heard about Angus Beef in the news, all over social media and in the company of great foodies everywhere, but Angus Beef- what makes it special? Angus Beef refers to the unique meat that comes from the Aberdeen Angus cow, originally bred in Scotland; its known to be a sturdier breed of cattle with the outstanding ability to produce beef with higher fat marbling content. Bolton Foods, Angus Beef products are well known for their beautiful marbling ( the amount of intermuscular fat “marbled through-out the beef) . Those little unassuming specks of good fat melt during the cooking process, moistening and basting the beef from the inside out making for next level luxury, mouthwatering flavor, unmatched tenderness and “hope you brought a napkin” juiciness!

Angus beef – what makes it special is its ability to be cooked at high temperatures making it perfect for the grill. Taking Bolton Foods amazing Angus Beef filet mignon for example, filet mignon is known as tenderloin steak and universally regarded as decadent, is it already known as the most tender cut of beef, added in that this amazing choice cut is aged perfectly, comes from the best quality breed of cattle – it also comes hand-trimmed to minimize waste and create the best plate presentation possible! This beef makes a regular barbeque season come to life! Bolton Foods surpasses all expectations and is delivered to your front door in custom made trucks, in neighborhoods of Ottawa , Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto, Scarsborough, Pickering and most of Ontario – it makes it incredibly easy, convenient and a true joy to put together your families or event menu!

Angus Beef – what makes it special ? Incredible texture, creamy, buttery flavor this choice beef from Bolton Foods makes any recipe go from average to high end luxury in a snap. Bolton food has a huge variety of Angus Beef products to choose from, mouthwatering filet mignon with the option of our specialty option of filet mignon wrapped in our smokey bacon strips. Our Canadian Prime Angus bone in Filet Mignon – in this perfect 16 oz, 1 lb tenderloin we’ve left the bone especially for cooking, as the heat from your grill hits , it sends the flavor from the marrow through the meat, creating a truly unmatched flavor, for the true connoisseur, this steak is in a league of its own! Our Canadian Prime Angus Miami Ribs are perfect for your special evening, or maybe you’d like to choose from our other mouthwatering, Angus Beef products delivered to your door in Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto, Ottawa, Scarsborough and most of Ontario. We love to offer our customers a huge menu to choose from including our premium Bolton Gold Angus Chateaubriand, a beautiful center-cut piece of Angus beef tenderloin with superior taste and memorable presentation, Boltons Canadian Prime Angus Beef Ribeye steaks which are incredibly popular with our customers ! Try our Boltons prepared Canadian Prime Angus Beef Patties – these 6oz juice and tender all-angus beef patties are gluten free, these bold beefy, grain fed burgers are perfectly formed, ready to pop on the grill and be the foundation of the best burger you’ve ever created!

Curious about Angus beef and what makes it special ? Contact Bolton Foods for the best Angus Beef products and menu items, incredible custom advice and the best food delivery catering to Toronto , Ottawa, Pickering, Oakville, Mississauga, Scarsborough and most of Ontario!