Organic Meat & Seafood delivered by Bolton Foods

Organic Meat & Seafood delivered by Bolton Foods is all about making delicious, nutritious and convenient meals for families big and small across Ontario. Responsible agricultural practices that support the landscape, traditional farming and fishing practices, the health and wellness of the animals and seafoods as well as the communities in which they are produced… Read More »

Maritime Lobster tails are delicious and delivers

Nothing says summer like the taste of Maritime Lobster tails! Maritime Lobster tails are delicious and delivers straight to your door and into your at home freezer with our customized fleet of special refrigeration trucks meaning you can create mouthwatering rich and creamy lobster rolls anytime the mood strikes! Any recipe instantly made luxurious… Read More »

Chicken wings delivered right to your door!

There is something exceptional about always having delicious menu items in your home freezer! Chicken wings delivered right to your door! Bolton food has a specialized fleet of custom refrigerated trucks and experienced home menu service advisors to help you build the best week, month or special event menu ever; meaning you’ll always have delicious… Read More »

​Arctic Char is fabulous! Delivered to your door by Bolton Foods

Arctic Char is fabulous! Delivered to your door by Bolton Foods in neighborhoods big and small like Markham, Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Pickering and most places across Ontario. Arctic Char is an amazing source of quality nutrition and protein! Loaded with essential fatty acids known as Omega 3’s which are incredibly important for heart and brain… Read More »

Organic Boneless / Skinless Chicken breasts delivered by Bolton Foods

Eating healthy, convenient home made meals doesn’t have to be difficult! Organic Boneless / skinless Chicken breasts delivered by Bolton Foods to your door to your home freezer, you’ll always have delicious, healthy protein options for any recipe you want to enjoy. Our Organic boneless, skinless chicken breasts are incredibly flavorful and juicy without the… Read More »

Organic Poultry, Why Is It Better?

Bolton Foods sources Organic, free range poultry from only the best quality farms and butchers because we know the better quality and nutrition that comes from these agricultural practices. Not only do these practices result in a higher quality taste and nutrition, they also help the land and communities around their farms, something that should… Read More »

Why you should consider getting your meat delivered!

There is no better time to consider getting your meat delivered by Bolton Foods! Tight schedules, questionable quality of pre packaged meats that line the average supermarket shelf, restricted choice cuts available, and unpersonalized service should not be considered the “norm”. Exceptional quality, high end restaurant quality selection of Wild Caught Fish and Seafood, Organic… Read More »

The Foodie Group feels Canadian Prime Angus Beef Is The Best Quality!

The Foodie Group feels Canadian prime angus Beef is the best quality and they are pretty well versed in the all too common disappointments that line our supermarket shelves. The foodie group demands the best quality, most flavorful, mouthwatering bites possible and they have the experience and expertise to know that Bolton Foods answers that… Read More »

Wild caught salmon & trout plus scallops & lobster delivered to your home!

Wild caught salmon & trout plus scallops & lobster delivered to your home by Bolton foods in neighborhoods big and small across the GTA including Toronto, Woodbridge, Kitchener, Rosedale, Ajax, Whitby, Oakville, Pickering and Markham means never having to go search though many retailers shelves looking for the freshest, high end, restaurant quality wild caught… Read More »

Stay away from farmed fish!

Here’s why! Fish is one of the healthiest foods on the planet and creates some of the most popular menus around the world ; however unless you catch the fish yourself, or ask the right questions, odds are you will be eating a farmed fish, which accounts for more than half of all fish eaten… Read More »

Canadian Prime Beef – Why should you have it delivered?

Buying high quality Canadian Prime Beef as well as other choice cuts, angus beef products, organic poultry and wild caught seafood online used to be only for elite restaurants, amazing catering companies and socialites. Introducing Bolton Foods, with extensive and varied selection of Canadian Prime Beef delivering to your door in Ottawa, Toronto, Scarsborough, Oakville,… Read More »

Wild caught fish! Why it’s smart to eat wild caught over farmed fish

Quality wild caught fish and seafood is of the utmost importance to Bolton Foods, delivering exceptional quality, delicious organic meats & wild caught seafood directly to your door in Ottawa, Toronto, Scarborough, Pickering, Oakville, Mississauga and most of Ontario. Becoming increasingly popular among our customers, many families are aiming to eat at least two servings… Read More »

Bolton Foods, the best frozen food delivery company in the GTA

More and more individuals, couples, families and party hosts are exploring their options for high-end quality Canadian Prime beef products, Angus and Kobe Beef products , Free range and Organic Poultry products as well as Wild Ocean Fish and Seafood Products. Introducing Bolton Foods! Bolton Foods, has been providing high end restaurant quality to communities… Read More »

Why having an inventory of frozen food on hand is smart during the COVID 19 crisis.

In these modern unprecedented times having an inventory of frozen foods on hand is smart. During this COVID-19 crisis we have seen cross country closures of restaurants, local businesses and although many relief measures have been taken , grocery store shelves and whole sections of frozen food have been bare. Our business, Bolton Foods can… Read More »