Bolton Steak

Why purchasing Steaks from Bolton foods is a wise choice?

All Bolton Foods Steaks are dry aged to perfection for 60 days so that every time you eat a Bolton Foods steak, it’ll taste great consistently every single time with no exceptions.
Bolton Steaks are organic and raised with no hormones, antibiotics, GMO’s or steroids! 

Bolton Foods is so confident in the quality of its Steaks and the exceptional taste, that we guarantee’s it’ll be a great tasting steak or your money back. That’s confidence!

Our Canadian Prime Rib Eye Steaks are the most flavourful Steaks partly because of the marbling and they are known for their tenderness. You’ll never forget the taste of Bolton Foods Rib Eye Steaks once you’ve tried them hot off the grill paired with your favourite vintages red wine.

Bolton Foods Canadian Prime Angus 60 day dry aged New York Steaks are unforgettable. Known for having a powerful flavour and perfect marbling but don’t take our word for it, try them yourself.

Bolton Foods Canadian Prime Angus tenderloin are known for absolute mouth watering tenderness and the perfect portion size ranging from 4 ounce to 16 ounces. It’s the best Steak to pair with your favourite seafood item like lobster or shrimp.

Real Steak connoisseurs, foodies and those who enjoy five star restaurants are Bolton Foods prime customers.

All Bolton Foods meat & seafood products are flash frozen in under 8 seconds which locks in the freshness & flavour. They are then individually vacuum sealed and meticulously packed for your enjoyment. This process ensures that when you thaw and enjoy them it’s just like eating the freshest quality meat right from the butcher.

No more packaging your own products. Let us do the work for you. The individual packaging is something that our loyal customers love. It makes it handy to thaw out and prepare the exact number of steaks needed for your family each meal.

Have you ever noticed a sign saying “previously frozen” product as part of the meat display at your grocery store?

In many cases, consumers are buying previously frozen meats & seafood and then end up freezing them again.

When buying Bolton Foods you can feel confident in the fact that it’s only frozen once but in the best possible way to preserve the quality and excellence for our legion of satisfied loyal customers to enjoy.

Bolton Foods only offers high end restaurant quality organic meat & seafood delivered to your door. The best of the best with no middle man.

The first time you cut into one of our steaks, poultry or seafood selections you will be excited that you chose Bolton Foods! Tender and juicy no matter what or your money back. That’s our guarantee!

The best butcher quality steaks delivered to your door. Once you try Bolton Foods you will be just like all of our customers… impressed and happy that you chose us.

During COVID we offer contactless delivery, no lineups just quality organic meat & seafood delivered right to your door.

Call our Office at 416-675-3737 if you have any questions about these or any other Bolton Foods products.