Frozen food delivered to your door? Introducing Bolton Foods!

The benefits of having a freezer full of nutritious meats, chicken, seafood and many other of our
Bolton foods delicious meals, is becoming more and more apparent with our ever increasing
busy schedules. Frozen food delivered to your door, in Ottawa, Mississauga , Scarborough ,
Pickering, Oakville, Toronto and most of Ontario can aid you and your family in an abundance of

Imagine having a spark of inspiration, a beautiful meal of the perfectly BBQ’d, juicy chicken
breast, (see our Recipe page for inspiration and recipes! ) with a side of potatoes and grilled
peppers or suddenly wanting some simple but elegant Prime Kobe Ground Beef burgers. Using
Bolton foods delivery means you won’t be having to make weekly grocery trips for prime cuts of
meats for your meals, saving time and gas, but most importantly it ensures you always have an
amazing meal ready for yourself, your family and your guests.

Bolton Foods offers amazing healthy and nutritious Seafoods! Our Wild Sockeye Salmon is
tender, flavourful and perfectly flakey. Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon are deeper, more complex
and have a fuller flavour than farm-raised salmon. It contains one of the best sources of those
hard-to-find, health-promoting fats known as the omega-3 fatty acids, specifically
docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), These important fatty acids are also
found in our many naturally preserved frozen selection. Having ready access to these amazing
nutrient and flavuor-filled options means providing vital nutrients to you and your family without
having to wonder where those grocery store seafoods are sourced from, or how fresh they are.
It is with that reason Bolton Foods provides the best to door delivery and high quality products
we are known for. We know how important it is that this service is provided, whether you find
yourself in a small area with little access to quality meats, chicken and seafood, have limited
transportation to access quality grocery stores, or want to experience quality meats, seafoods,
organic and gluten free options that previously only high-end restaurants had access to!

With our fleet of customized delivery trucks, our excellent menu consultants we provide to our
neighbours and friends in Pickering, Scarborough, Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga , Oakville and
across Ontario. While we began in 1998 with 60 delivered to your door freezer foods, we now
have 125 gourmet food items!

At Bolton Foods , we relish the opportunity to tailor your delivery to fit your needs, some
customers prefer seasonal delivery, making sure to have lots of Gourmet grilling options; such
as Bolton Gold Angus burger, Our Kobe Ground Beef ,Bolton Gold Kobe Hot Dogs and include
our high end grilling steaks such as Canadian Prime Ribeye Steaks, or our delicious and ever
popular Mediterranean Beef Skewers. Bolton foods loves to help host a party! We would love to
help our customers plan a beautiful high-end menu sure to impress even the most scrutinizing
of guests!

Whether it’s a family reunion on the lake or an exquisite wedding reception! Call or email us
today to get started!