Get High End Restaurant quality meat delivery in the GTA and beyond

Bolton Foods offers an extensive menu of Canadian Prime Angus Beef, Wild Caught Fish and Seafood, Organic Chicken. Previously thought to be only available to the elite and high end restaurants, Bolton Foods boasts an inspiring selection of mouthwatering items for special events as well as family freezers. Delivered in custom made refrigeration trucks by our dedicated employees to your front door in neighborhoods of Woodbridge, Ajax, Ottawa, Pickering, Oakville, Rosedale, Whitby, Kitchener, Markhum, Toronto! With their ever growing map of delivery zones across Ontario it is their pleasure to serve the communities with faithful, friendly and knowledgeable service alongside remarkable and inspiring menu items.Get High End Restaurant quality meat delivery in the GTA and beyond by contacting Bolton Foods!

Fresh, high quality food is important to us and our families and we know how difficult it is to find the remarkable quality your families’ menu deserves on supermarket shelves. We want Ontario families to know they can get high end restaurant quality meat delivery in the GTA and beyond by Bolton Foods! Never have to choose from sad, days old fish, stringy steak and questionable chicken again. Bolton Foods offers our wonderful customers Canadian Prime Angus Beef in restaurant gourmet quality. Some of our best sellers are our mouthwatering Bolton Gold Canadian Prime Angus Filet Mignons which are hand selected from perfectly aged tenderloins for that exquisite finished flavor and buttery texture ; Canadian Prime Angus Prime Ribeye Steaks renown for the intense marbling and rich flavor that drips from every bite. Get high end restaurant quality meat delivery in the GTA and beyond and choose our best selling Canadian Prime Angus Beef patties! These gluten free, rich, beefy all grain fed burgers are pre formed and individually packaged making them too easy to throw on the summer BBQ, making the foundation for the best burgers you’ve ever made!

Our wild caught fish and seafood best sellers delight our customers and ensure they and their families are getting the recommended serving of high quality fish and seafood that many health organizations say is beneficial to our health ; Our best selling Wild Caught Rainbow trout filets are rich and flavorful, providing a high protein option that is both low in saturated fats and boasts high levels of the extraordinary omega 3 fatty acid; Our best selling Wild caught Steelhead Salmon filets are wild caught in the clean cold Fjords of Norway and taste unlike any Salmon filets you’ve ever had; our Digby bay scallops caught off the coasts of southern Nova Scotia are delicious and tender, sweet and creamy these wild caught seafood gems make any fish instantly elegant. Our best sellers also include mouthwatering free range air chilled chicken breasts locally grown in Ontario and are free of additives, hormones and chemicals! With so many inspired menu items it’s easy to get high end restaurant quality meat delivery in the GTA and beyond.

You can rely on Bolton Foods for home delivery of Canadian Prime Angus Beef, Organic Chicken, Wild Caught Fish & Seafood serving the GTA, Toronto, Markham, Woodbridge, Ajax, Pickering, Rosedale, Oakville, Kitchener, Whitby and most cities big or small in Ontario. Go to for details