How To BBQ Juicy Chicken Breasts Like a Gourmet Chef

The trick to making Bolton Foods, Free Range No-Pump Delivered to your door into Juicy BBQ Chicken breasts like a Gourmet Chef is in the thickness, marinade and method.

Firstly, it’s preparing the Bolton Foods, Free Range No-Pump chicken to a uniform thickness! Chicken Breasts tend to be thickest in the middle and thinner and more narrow at its end, to help make sure your chicken breasts cook evenly, flatten your chicken breasts until they are the same thickness from beginning to end. You can do this by pressing the chicken breasts between saran wrap and pounding firmly with a tenderizer or rolling pin.

Secondly, the marinade, avoid putting sugar in your marinades and make sure you have a high oil content to make it extra great for the BBQ , sugar can make your Perfect juicy chicken breasts stick to the grill.

Perfectly Juicy Mediterranean BBQ Chicken Breasts


  1. Bolton Foods, Free Range
  2. No-pump Chicken Breasts
  3. Olive Oil Black Kalamata Olives, Crushed
  4. Dried Oregano
  5. Ground Cumin
  6. Cinnamon
  7. Garlic Chilli Flakes
  8. Paprika
  9. Fresh Lemon Juice with half fresh lemon zest
  10. Salt and freshly ground Pepper


Following above, Place your pounded chicken breast and place in ziplock bag with the Mediterranean spices listed above, massage gently with your hands and place in the fridge for 1 hour.Unlike our steaks , do not marinade for longer as it may result in firmer rubbery chicken breasts, instead of the Juicy BBQ chicken breasts we love.

Preheat your BBQ to medium-high, about 400ºF, and thoroughly oil your grill plates to ensure your chicken doesn’t stick.Once the grill is at the right temperature, use your tongs to take the chicken breasts out of the marinade shaking off some excess, place them on the grill as evenly as possible and spread as far apart as you can given how many Chicken Breasts your using. Close the lid and leave on for 4-5 minutes. Turn your chicken breasts over and close the lid for additional 5 minutes or until nicely formed grill marks appear and meat temperature reaches 165ºF.

Rest your Perfectly BBQ’d Chicken Breasts for 5 minutes and Serve with lemon slices, fresh parsley or mint and feta cheese crumbles !