Lobster tails & Huge Shrimp delivered to GTA

Lobster tails & Huge Shrimp delivered to GTA by Bolton Foods in a fleet of customized refrigeration trucks makes it easier than ever to enjoy exquisite luxury seafoods! Always delicious, wild caught and hand chosen by stringent quality assurance testers, Bolton Foods delivers 5 star restaurant quality menu items to your at home freezer for yourself , your family or for a special event you have planned! Trying to plan a special event such as a wedding, anniversary, baby shower or just a delicious foodie party ? Exceptional restaurant quality, luxury entrees are just a click or phone call to one of our expert menu consultants away! Bolton Foods quality products were made perfectly for budding chefs and amature home cooks alike; from hand selected cuts of Candian Prime Angus Beef in roasts or steaks, organic ontario raised chicken and turkey made with no antibiotics or hormones, wild caught fish and seafoods like lobster tails & huge shrimp delivered to GTA and beyond is your answer for nutritious and convenient luxurious at home meals!

Short of your neighborhood butcher shop ( and even then, in some cases) we know that you will never find this amount of quality range products, cuts and options all in one place! We have aimed to remove the guesswork, the multiple long grocery store trips, and the low quality choices that so many are familiar with by growing our meat delivery service to reach all across Ontario and supplying the most extensive menu items possible! Exquisite menu items such as our brilliant berkshire pork chops , marinated lamb steaks, canadian prime angus bacon wrapped filet mignon , mouthwatering lobster tails & huge Shrimp delivered to GTA and beyond makes it incredibly easy to enjoy many exclusive menu items all with just a few clicks!

Bolton Foods is passionate about bringing nutrition and exceptional quality meals to our neighbors in Ontario and supporting our beautiful local agricultural farmers and lands in tandem. As a locally owned proud Candian company it is intrinsically important to all of us to support as many local farmers and fisheries across Canada as we possibly can and to then pass on the great value and quality to our customers. We believe that it is our duty as proud canadians to support each other and our communities with exceptional care and services and it has been during this global pandemic that we have never been prouder to ensure a safe and convenient alternative to store outings and give back a sense of food security to our customers across Ontario.

Enjoying delicious 5 star restaurant quality entrees like lobster tails & huge shrimp delivered to GTA and across Ontario can be as much about self care as it is about taste and nutrition! Serve yourself and your family the best meals possible safely at home with Bolton Foods delivery!

Bolton Foods offers home delivery of Organic Meat & Seafood and serves Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Kitchener, London, Woodbridge, Pickering, Markham, the GTA and most towns across Ontario. Visit BoltonFoods.com for details.