Maritime Lobster tails are delicious and delivers

Nothing says summer like the taste of Maritime Lobster tails! Maritime Lobster tails are delicious and delivers straight to your door and into your at home freezer with our customized fleet of special refrigeration trucks meaning you can create mouthwatering rich and creamy lobster rolls anytime the mood strikes! Any recipe instantly made luxurious with the addition of Maritime lobster tails, thawed, slightly heated and dripping in melted butter, the most simple and divine taste pleasures known in the world. World renowned the exquisite flavor of Maritime Lobster tails is one of Bolton foods best sellers for a reason.

Harvested off the coast of Nova Scotia these delicious ocean gems have a unique flavor profile and shine in any recipe from the simple to complex making it a favorite among 5 star chefs and amature foodies alike. A local treasure in the Atlantic provinces it’s easy to find this in almost every restaurant from Halifax to Digby in a variety of hugely adventurous ways! Lobster bisque, Lobster rolls, Lobster Poutine, Lobster Eggs benedict, Lobster Wellington , Lobster Tail Macaroni and cheese , Lobster BLT’s and almost any other combination you can imagine and more. Not only is this incredible crustacean delicious and healthy, its flavor and texture make it perfect for a variety of exciting recipes! Use your imagination – Maritime Lobster tails are delicious and delivers to your door making it easier than ever to have fun and feel inspired to try something different! Maritime lobster tails are not only delicious but an incredibly healthy high protein option, and they are nutrient dense in many micronutrients ; just one cup of maritime lobster tail contains 129 calories, 0 grams of carbohydrates, only 1.25 grams of fat and a whooping 27.5 grams of high quality protein! Maritime lobster tail is also considered a rich source of selenium, copper, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B12, magnesium, vitamin E and the super important heart healthy omega 3 fatty acid. Magnificent luxury, mouthwatering rich and intense flavor, unmatched recipe versatility and super healthy – it’s no mystery why this maritime treasure is well sought after the world over.

Maritime Lobster tails are delicious and delivers making it easy to have the most upscale and elegant meal prep for the week ahead! There is absolutely nothing wrong with a few luxurious maritime lobster tails, with a handful of brazil nuts, half a cup of baby carrots, crisp snap peas and a couple pieces of delicious cheese to add a little jazz to your healthy snack or lunch on a run of the mill Tuesday at the office! You’ll be the envy of all your co-workers. Go ahead, Treat yourself – Maritime Lobster tails are delicious and delivers straight to your door meaning you can have it anytime you desire!

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