Ontario Farm Raised Chicken Wings Delivered Right To Your Door!

Ontario farm raised Chicken wings delivered right to your door! Bolton Foods provides exceptional, restaurant quality organic Ontario farm raised chicken wings and many other mouthwatering 5 star menu options to your at home freezer to enjoy anytime! Flavorful simply prepared with just salt and pepper and baked in the oven or star of the show and dripping in your special award winning homemade sauce on game day Bolton Foods organic Ontario raised chicken wings are exceptional no matter the occasion.

Proudly raised organic, antibiotic and hormone free on the free range farming land in gorgeous Ontario by passionate and dedicated farmers our 5 star chicken products are hand chosen for our customers with the strictest quality assurance tests known in north america. The perfect mix of juicy and flavorful chicken wings are among our best sellers and we would invite you to try our many other incredible organic ontario raised chicken options such as our our lean skinless boneless organic chicken breasts , excellent for the health conscious individual; premade oven baked seasoned chicken strips that are incredible to throw into pasta dishes or wraps, sandwiches and casseroles to add much needed flavor and substance quickly and easily; Boneless chicken legs that are so easy to throw on the BBQ or counter top grill for a delicious and easy entree; Chicken Souvlaki skewers which are chunks of herb and spice seasoned meat that are delicious on the BBQ, oven roasted or in stir frys! Bolton Foods offers deliciously seasoned menu items such as our all star antibiotic free, hormone free Ontario farm raised chicken wings delivered right to your door!

Nourishing yourself and your family from the inside out and supporting our local ontario agriculture is of the utmost importance to our customers and to Bolton Foods, We are passionate about supplying the best nutrition possible to our customers in the most convenient way we could find; our very own customized freezer trucks driven by our dedicated Bolton Foods employees. From Farm to table we ensure the strictest of quality tests from every station and handler along the way and employ the best expert menu consultants to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with their order. Our expert menu consultants can give advice on what entrees’ will best suit your at home freezer, your family meal menu and time frame to best help our customers get the most personalised service possible.

Ontario farm raised Chicken wings delivered right to your door! Juicy, flavorful and ready almost instantly this best seller is always our top favorite menu item to pull from our at home freezer! We know once you try these unbelievably delicious antibiotic and hormone free, organic Ontario raised chicken wings you will never buy another cardboard box of questionable quality wings from your grocery store again! We can not wait to take your order!

Bolton Foods offers home delivery of Organic Meat & Seafood and serves Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Kitchener, London, Woodbridge, Pickering, Markham, the GTA and most towns across Ontario. Visit BoltonFoods.com for details.