Organic Poultry, Why Is It Better?

Bolton Foods sources Organic, free range poultry from only the best quality farms and butchers because we know the better quality and nutrition that comes from these agricultural practices. Not only do these practices result in a higher quality taste and nutrition, they also help the land and communities around their farms, something that should be important to us all when sourcing our families menus’ whenever possible.

Organic Poultry, Why Is It Better? The label of organic gives with it the standard of being free of any genetically modified ingredients, this means that the feed and land on which the poultry is produced, from start to finish is organic and free of chemicals and GMO’s – resulting in the investment in sustainable and responsible agriculture practices. Without the use of synthetic chemicals or toxic fertilizer these farmlands and the community around them benefit, as well as us, the consumers from less exposure to chemicals that could be and have been found to be harmful. Organic Poultry, why is it better? The investment into organic poultry farming and the delicious products also means that we may also be helping to limit the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria! Unlike conventional poultry farming practices in which you may find these birds in crowded spaces, tragically living on top of one another, a living condition which means they are more likely to have high levels of infections that demands being fed high levels of antibiotics – Organic poultry will only administer antibiotics if the animal is hurt and in need of medical attention, and in that case they will no longer be labeled as organic.Organic Poultry, why is it better? Raised in free range units where they have access to high quality feed, sunlight and if needed, medical attention results in a higher quality, healthier and more nutritious product for ourselves and our families. Safe and responsible agriculture, the investment into our land and communities and higher standards for care for the animals than conventional farming is important to us as a company. We expect and demand the highest quality standards at Bolton Foods.

Organic Poultry, why is it better? Organic Poultry is already an amazing source of high quality protein that can be low in fat and calories and make an excellent healthy entree as well as a delicious one. Conventional poultry and even those misleadingly labeled as natural often are injected with a solution of water, salt and preservatives to plump up the chicken, adding weight (making it more expensive for less), to extend freshness and shelf life as well as adding moisture and false flavor. Organic poultry is 100% organic and doesn’t require this due to its already flavorful and juicy profile, no injections results lower in added sodium making an already incredibly delicious healthy protein even better for those heart and blood pressure health conscious family members that try and limit their added sodium! Organic Poultry, why is it better? High quality, deliciously juicy, flavorful entrees that are better for our health and that invest in the best sustainable farming practices are just among the many reasons why we choose to invest our money and feed our family and loved ones the exceptional quality organic poultry delivered by Bolton Foods.

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