Best Tasting Steak and Seafood or Your Money Back

Hors D’oeuvres (Product # 011)




QUANTITY: 100 PIECES (25 pieces each)

Buffalo Chicken Trumpet – Tender Chicken Brest meat smothered in Buffalo wing sauce with a hint of blue cheese, all packed into a mini Tortilla trumpet.

Beef Tenderloin Gorgonzola Wrapped in Bacon – marinated beef Tenderloin and creamy gorgonzola cheese wrapped in Applewood Smoked bacon.

Brie & Raspberry En Croute with Almonds – creamy brie cheese blended with chopped almonds and raspberry preserves, wrapped in flaky pastry.

Feta & Sundried Tomato Phyllo – a tangy blend of feta cheese, sundried Tomatoes, seasoned with basil, garlic and olive oil wrapped in Phyllo.

Products of this quality require approximate cooking time: 18 to 20 minutes in an oven at 400 F.