Stay away from farmed fish!

Here’s why! Fish is one of the healthiest foods on the planet and creates some of the most popular menus around the world ; however unless you catch the fish yourself, or ask the right questions, odds are you will be eating a farmed fish, which accounts for more than half of all fish eaten in the USA and Canada and line our supermarket shelves.

Experts know that we should stay away from farmed fish! Here’s why – Wild caught fish, like the quality fish and seafood delivered to your front door in Ottawa, Toronto, Oakville, Scarborough, Mississauga, Pickering and across Ontario by Bolton foods have high quality Omega’ 3 fatty acids from the food they eat in their natural habitat which are high in marine lipids! Farmed fish, however, are often fed nutrient deficient corn, soy or other vegetable oils that contain far less and often very little of this super important, ultra-healthy omega3 fat! Omega-3 fatty acids are imperative for optimal brain and body function and are strongly linked to reduced risk of many diseases including Alzheimer’s, Dementia and heart disease. In fact, because of the diet in farmed fish they tend to be much higher in saturated fats, the type you generally want to avoid – because of its effect on inflammation throughout the body and brain and lower in the most important omega3 – and unfortunately, this is causing quite the paradox to the frustration of many seafood lovers!

Stay away from farmed fish! Here’s why, wild caught fish is loaded with high protein and many other important nutrients that their farmed counterparts lack – including Vitamin D, a fat-soluble nutrient that many people also lack, especially over the winter months. Farmed fish can have up to 20% less protein than our wild caught variety, much to the dismay of many health and fitness oriented folks that rely on high quality protein for their energy! Farmed fish are also unhappy and stressed, cramped in small fish pools, essentially growing on top of one another and adding more reason to be avoided; farmed raised fish produces some of the most contaminated fish on earth! Farmed fish is given a lot of antibiotics because of the way in which its raised, more than any other type of farmed meat.This means farmed fish has a lot more carcinogenic toxins that can pass through the food chain, in some cases such high levels of these toxins, that it has prompted health warnings from the United States Environmental Protection agency.

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