The Foodie Group feels Canadian Prime Angus Beef Is The Best Quality!

The Foodie Group feels Canadian prime angus Beef is the best quality and they are pretty well versed in the all too common disappointments that line our supermarket shelves. The foodie group demands the best quality, most flavorful, mouthwatering bites possible and they have the experience and expertise to know that Bolton Foods answers that demand with delivery to your door in cities big and small like Mississuga, Oakville, Ajax, Toronto, Pickering, Woodbridge, Ottawa and throughout the GTA and most of Ontario!

The Foodie Group feels Canadian Prime Angus Beef is the best quality because they know that Candian beef is fed by our rich Candian grasslands and that our cooler climate in canada is best suited for the prime angus cattle breed, thus making for a remarkable and outstanding taste and quality. Canada also has world-class standards in agricultural practices that not only define our food safety systems and quality assurance but also respect the strictest of regulations for humanely and ethically raised cattle resulting in a tasteful entree you can trust. Raised in a natural and clean environment by dedicated and loving farmers and ranchers that respect and ensure that their animals are well cared for also affects every aspect of the beef and is part of what Canada is known for when it comes to our quality Candian Prime Angus Beef products. Canada also boasts some of the best prime angus beef genetics in the world , combining this with the loving, caring ranchers and farmers, exceptionally nutritionally rich grasslands, top quality assurance practices and standards and the beautiful cool climate it is no question why The Foodie Group feels Canadian prime angus Beef is the best quality, it is simply the truth!

The Foodie Group feels Canadian prime angus Beef is the best quality and recognizes that the Prime cut is the top cut of beef on the market. The meat grade of “Prime” is reserved for only the highest quality beef with a very specific amount of fat marbling (which is what gives the meat its depth of incredible flavor) and that the specific grade of “prime” only accounts for approximately 3% of all beef graded, other cuts such as choice or select are leaner, affecting the juiciness and flavor of the beef. The exceptional taste and quality of Canadian Prime Angus beef are well sought after the world over and Bolton Foods delivers this world renown beef in a variety of delicious products and directly to your door in neighborhoods throughout the GTA and Ontario, including Toronto, Markum, Pickering,Ajax, Woodbridge, Oakville and Mississauga. It has never been easier or more convenient to experience top quality Candian Prime Angus Beef in steaks, roasts, ribs, strips and burgers ready to make any recipe you have come alive with flavor and intensity. The Foodie Group feels Canadian prime angus Beef is the best quality and they know you will agree upon your very first bite!

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