Canadian Prime Beef – Why should you have it delivered?

Buying high quality Canadian Prime Beef as well as other choice cuts, angus beef products, organic poultry and wild caught seafood online used to be only for elite restaurants, amazing catering companies and socialites. Introducing Bolton Foods, with extensive and varied selection of Canadian Prime Beef delivering to your door in Ottawa, Toronto, Scarsborough, Oakville, Pickering, Mississauga and most of Ontario.

Canadian Prime Beef – Why should you have it delivered ? For one, you never know what you are going to get when you walk into your local grocery store in the search of that prime cut of meat, you may be lucky enough to find something resembling the quality you want, but more often than not, you will be at the mercy of what’s been generously picked over by other shoppers, and limited to what’s currently on offer. Shopping with Bolton Foods is a different experience all together – always offering the highest quality, mouthwatering Canadian Prime beef cuts such as Canadian Prime Beef Ribeye Steaks, Canadian Prime Angus Rib Roast, Canadian Prime Angus bone-in filet mignons and many, many other otherworldly options! Bolton Foods’ prime beef steaks and products have the highest degree of fat marbling because it’s derived from the younger, well fed cattle, which is also why Canadian Prime beef steaks and products are featured at the most upscale, exclusive steakhouse restaurants around the world. Superior grade with next level tenderness, flavor, juiciness and the famous texture delivered to your door in Mississauga , Oakville, Pickering, Toronto, Ottawa, Scarsborough and most of Ontario, the highest quality possible – available for everyday families is what drives the passion and service at Bolton foods.

Bolton foods succeeds at helping everyday people avoid standing in long tiresome lines, unnecessary travel to and from grocery stores, and the hassle of attempting to find high quality, fresh cuts of Canadian Prime beef products on shelves. E-commerce is expected to rise an additional 5.21 million users in 2021 from 19.8 online shoppers in 201; according to statistics released by; with our high quality, varied and spectacular selections at Bolton Foods we intend to play an important role in making users familiar,comfortable and most important satisfied with their online meat delivery service.

Having your Canadian Prime beef delivered, means never having to waste time, money and effort – with amazing representatives available to help cater and customize your perfect menu’s weeks and months in advance – or whether you decide to drive solo and add your favorite Canadian Prime beef , organic poultry, wild caught fish and seafood or our angus beef products to your cart and checkout in minutes, Bolton foods provides simple, stress-free, ultra-convenient way to build the ultimate menu and have it delivered to your front door!

Most professional foodies and chefs know that if you want the highest quality, best cuts of Canadian Prime beef such as Canadian Prime Ribeyes, T-bones, Filets, Canadian Prime Rib Roasts, USDA New York Striploin and USDA Porterhouse, you absolutely avoid the supermarket – the best most delicious Canadian Prime Beef products are available online! Bolton Foods is waiting to make your life easy and your BBQ season the best it has ever been by delivering to your front door!