Why getting your gourmet quality meat delivered is a good idea!

Bolton Foods, Organic meats & seafood delivered to your door!

Long grocery store trips, idling through busy supermarket aisles, picking over stringy cuts of low quality beef, sad excuses for pork tenderloin and anything but fresh farmed fish – we’ve all been there, knowing that for a quality piece of Canadian Prime beef or flavorful wild caught fish filet it likely will mean a speciality trip and super high prices! Thankfully, seeing and fulfilling a need in Ontario communities, Bolton foods, Organic Meats and Wild caught Seafood delivered to your front door! Saving you time, money and endless frustrating trips to your local butcher and sad excuses for a main at your supermarket. If you’re a quality meat and seafood lover, ordering your meats and seafood is an extraordinary alternative!

Serving communities in Oakville, Pickering, Ottawa, Scarsborough, MIssissauga, Toronto and across Ontario since 1998, our selection includes over 125 items of Canadian Prime Beef products and wild caught fish and seafood. Delivered by Bolton Foods’ fleet of custom made refrigeration trucks – we assure that our customers receive the only the freshest, highest quality cuts of Canadian Prime beef and wild caught fish and seafood products – previously available only at high end restaurants.

We know that for most of us, we can taste the difference when dining in at these higher quality restaurants – the meats and fish quality is far above what most of us serve ourselves and to our families at home, but why is that ? The answer lies in the quality choice cuts that are available and purchased by such establishments – in short – these high end restaurants aren’t shopping alongside us at supermarkets. The keen eye and taste palettes of chefs know that the real, fine quality meats, fish and seafood are purchased by speciality vendors. Bolton foods is such a business – not only catering to the elite but also adventurous foodies, busy families, and the everyday local hero in Ontario! The great staff and employees of Bolton Food’ know that we can not make a delicious, 5 star restaurant quality meal or recipe without a quality cut of meat, organic poultry, or wild caught fish and seafood and Bolton Foods’ aims to make our mundane weekday meals into extraordinary dining experiences, at home.

The convenience of having exquisite, restaurant quality, high end choice cuts of Canadian Prime Beef, organic poultry, and wild caught fish and seafoods delivered to your front door is only meagerly overshadowed by the thoughtful , passionate and knowledgeable menu consultants that Bolton Foods’ offers to their customers – focused solely on our customer relationship management, satisfaction and approval, they are ready and excited to help every Bolton foods’ customer curate the best menu for their families, season or special event.

Shopping for anything online can be intimidating for some of us, especially with something as important as the food we share with our friends and family. Bolton Foods’ and our expert staff await the opportunity to show how easy, stress-free, ultra convenient it is and why getting your gourmet quality meat delivered is a good idea for everyone!