Why you should consider getting your meat delivered!

There is no better time to consider getting your meat delivered by Bolton Foods! Tight schedules, questionable quality of pre packaged meats that line the average supermarket shelf, restricted choice cuts available, and unpersonalized service should not be considered the “norm”. Exceptional quality, high end restaurant quality selection of Wild Caught Fish and Seafood, Organic Chicken and Candian Prime Angus Beef along with many other mouthwatering appetizers and entrees and incredible customer service are just some of the reasons why our customers have chosen to go a different path and why you should consider getting your meat delivered to you and your loved ones in neighborhoods of Toronto, Pickering, Markum, Woodbridge, Kitchener, Oakville and cites big and small across the GTA and Ontario!

Among the many reasons why you should consider getting your meat delivered to your door by Bolton Foods is our exceptional high end restaurant quality selection of Organic Chicken , Wild Caught Fish & Seafoods as well hand selected, mouthwatering cuts of Prime Angus Beef. The fact is many grocery stores and local supermarkets don’t have the same quality standards as our butcher and often they do not have the space to be able to stock several choice cuts per product, at the very least this means for quality and selection you would need to make a special trip to a local butcher, and even then – they may not have the variety and quality you desire. Another reason why you should consider getting your meat delivered is our fleet of special customized freezer trucks that will save you time and money by delivering a top quality personalized menu to stock your at home freezer with everything you need to have delicious meats at home or host a special event. We pride our business on giving our customers extensive and diverse quality choices; our prime angus beef for instance comes in a wide range of cuts and options such as our best selling Canadian Prime Angus Filet Mignon with boneless, bone-in and bacon wrapped selections; our many Ribeye options that include both 10oz and thick and juicy 14oz Candian Prime Angus steaks, Candian Prime Rib Porterhouse as well as our Dry Aged Candian Prime Angus Ribeye; our Sirloin and Tenderloin options that include an unbelievably delicious Bolton Golds Top Sirloin roast and our next level Boltons Gold Tomahawk steak is a thick and juicy 3lb double sided rib steak with a footlong frenched bone and will bring the “wow” factor to any event or evening! With these many options and many more in our veal, pork, burgers and patties, lamb, organic free range chicken, and wild caught fish and seafood departments we are sure to supply every one of our incredible customers with the product, choices and quality we know they deserve and why you should consider getting your meat delivered to your home!

You can trust Bolton Foods for home delivery of Canadian Prime Angus Beef, Organic Chicken, Wild Caught Fish & Seafood serving Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Woodbridge, Pickering, the GTA and most towns across Ontario. Visit BoltonFoods.com for details.