Bolton Foods, the best frozen food delivery company in the GTA

More and more individuals, couples, families and party hosts are exploring their options for high-end quality Canadian Prime beef products, Angus and Kobe Beef products , Free range and Organic Poultry products as well as Wild Ocean Fish and Seafood Products. Introducing Bolton Foods! Bolton Foods, has been providing high end restaurant quality to communities since its inception in 1998. Quickly becoming a GTA favorite and the best frozen food delivery company in the GTA! We’ve updated our fleet of one of a kind commercial frozen delivery trucks and now have a wide delivery area serving communities in Ottawa, Mississauga, Toronto, Pickering, Oakville, Scarsborough and most of Ontario!

As the best frozen delivery company in the GTA. We provide superior quality Canadian Prime Beef, Kobe and Angus products. Our ever expanding excellent menu offers you exclusive items such as Bolton Foods Kobe Beef Hot dogs ,Bolton Gold Angus Ground Beef Patties and crowd favorites like our Mediterianan Beef Skewers and the ever popular Bolton Gold XL T-bone Steaks for the ultimate blue ribbon grilling experience! If you and your guests prefer Free Range chicken or turkey products for your BBQ season Bolton Foods offers hard to find exclusive items such as our Free Range, No – Pump Chicken Breasts, Organic Chicken Breasts (raised locally by Ontario Farmers) , Chicken Souvlaki for Skewers, Turkey Burger Patties , Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts and hard to find, unique boneless chicken legs!

More of a big Sunday dinner family? Bolton Foods not only delivers to your door the summer staples of top quality grilling Canadian Prime Beef, Angus and Kobe Beef products and Organic Poultry options; We also love to help curate a special delivery of High Quality , Preservative free meal options for hosting the always important , memorable family dinner! Our Bolton Food Frozen Food Delivery service offers amazing and impressive meal centerpieces such as our Beef Wellington, A classic gourmet’s delight that is simply beef tenderloin wrapped in a delicious filo pastry, gravy, mushrooms and a liver pate! Please do not wait for that “Special Occasion” to serve something memorable like our Bolton Gold Angus Prime Rib Roast. Each rib eye roast is hand-selected and hand-cut from the rib section, the source of the most desirable and exclusive beef cuts. Beautifully marbled, these roasts are tender and packed with rich beef flavour. If recent times have taught us anything, it is to savour all the moments we have with each other, when we can all be together and enjoy the simple pleasures.

We do not take the duty and honor of being the Best Frozen Food Delivery Company in the GTA lightly! It is something we have strived for since the moment of foundation. Bolton Foods’ purpose has always been to deliver and provide to our friends, neighbors and community the highest quality frozen meats, organic poultry, and wild ocean fish and seafood options. We can never thank our amazing customers for choosing to make us part of your family!