People should have frozen steak, meat, poultry & seafood delivered! Here’s why!

Even in the best of cases more and more people are finding it difficult to find high quality Canadian Prime beef products, Organic Free Range Poultry, Wild Ocean Fish and Seafood and High Quality Angus Beef products, our community has been seeing empty grocery store shelves. We are trying to limit our trips out into our neighborhood stores, and many of us are self isolating at home during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Bolton Foods continues to strive to ensure our communities and neighbors have access to healthy, flavorful, superior, flash frozen foods delivered to your door safely and conveniently.

While for many of our customers our Prime Beef cuts or poultry products are their go to choice. We would love the opportunity to inspire you to try our healthy wild ocean fish and seafood options. While it is known that previously, people were reluctant to dine on frozen seafoods because they were led to believe fresh was best. Times have changed! People should have frozen steak, meat, poultry and wild ocean fish and seafood delivered! While fresh fish only lasts two to five days after catching, our flash frozen seafoods provide exceptional , high quality nutrients year round! In fact some publications assert that new age technology has shifted giving Bolton Foods flash frozen wild ocean fish and seafoods extraordinary quality that surpasses the seafood you find laying on ice at the grocery store!

One of our most popular fillets is our Steelhead Salmon – from the Fjords of Norway! Fjords of Norway are clean, cold and home to some of the most flavourful salmon in the world. Our Steelhead Salmon Fillets are raised in an environmentally sound production practice that respects Norway’s long-established fishing traditions, coming from the glacier-fed Fjords of Norway, near the Arctic Circle, these cold waters produce salmon with a firm flesh that has a smooth texture as well as moist, succulent flavour! Another Bolton Foods Product – our Planked Alaskan Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon are heart-healthy, versatile and easy-to-prepare.These fillets can be oven-baked, broiled or grilled and offer an amazingly delicious way to enjoy those essential Omega acids! These aren’t our only delicious seafood products filled with those healthful, hard to get Omegas, our Wild Sockeye Salmon, Arctic Char (Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories), Rainbow Trout Fillets (Georgian Bay), our phenomenal Wild-Caught and Smoked Sockeye Salmon (Queen Charlotte’s Island, British Columbia) and our Boltons Food Salmon Pinwheels that incorporate a perfectly seasoned lobster stuffing and a delicious combination of seafood flavours all provide these superior quality omegas! While providing a delicious and quick way to get those healthy seafoods into your diet, Bolton Foods offers .perfectly pre-seasoned breaded filets such as our Mango crusted Tilapia, Chipotle Lime Crusted Tilapia, Gluten Free Breaded sole , Krunchie Haddock, Krunchie FreshWater Lake Perch all delicious, easy to prepare for a healthy lunch or supper.

Servicing Oakville, Scarborough, Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga ,Pickering and most of Ontario Bolton Foods ensures that you and your family have delicious, healthy meals for you and your family!