Wild caught fish! Why it’s smart to eat wild caught over farmed fish

Quality wild caught fish and seafood is of the utmost importance to Bolton Foods, delivering exceptional quality, delicious organic meats & wild caught seafood directly to your door in Ottawa, Toronto, Scarborough, Pickering, Oakville, Mississauga and most of Ontario.

Becoming increasingly popular among our customers, many families are aiming to eat at least two servings of omega rich, high protein wild caught fish and seafoods weekly ; Bolton foods wild caught fish and seafood are low in the unhealthy kind of saturated fats and high in the incredibly important omega 3’s- two crucial ones, EPA and DHA are primarily found in certain types of fish and are significantly higher in wild caught fish versus farmed fish. These essential types of quality fats appear to reduce the risk of heart disease, curb muscle stiffness and joint pain, decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety in some , delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia, and improve the health and intelligence of babies in utero and development! Talk about a superfood!

Wild caught fish! Why it’s smart to eat wild caught over farmed fish isn’t just about nutrition and health, our favorite reason is unmatched, mouthwatering flavor and perfect delicate, meaty , sought after smooth texture. Simply put – Wild caught fish and seafood tastes better! Wild caught fish is usually leaner due to its time swimming in the ocean, with a more even fat distribution, they also develop more complex flavor components which can somewhat vary with the season and the waters in which they are fished, wild fish lean into richer flavor distinctions adding absolute luxury into any recipe!

One of the best things about Bolton foods wild caught fish and seafood is their unlimited options, making it a flavor adventure opportunity for many in Toronto, Scarborough, Oakville, Ottawa, Mississauga, Pickering and most of Ontario! Offering delicious Wild caught seafood and fish entrees such as planked wild Sockeye Salmon from coastal Alaska, US., mouthwatering Bolton Foods Wild caught Arctic Char filets from Great Slave Lake, Alberta, CAN.;and one of our personal favorites and best sellers comes from the clean, cold glacier-fed Fjords of Norway, near the arctic circle – home to some of the most flavorful salmon in the world, Bolton Foods Steelhead Salmon fillets are fished in an environmentally sound practice that respects Norway’s long established fishing traditions and delivers unique, moist, succulent flavor and a smooth firm texture; we know that once you allow yourself the indulgence of these wonderful wild caught fish and seafoods you will have a newfound appreciation for the taste and complexity that wild caught offers, versus the flat and mundane experience that most farmed fish offers.

Wild caught fish also means they are raised in their natural environments without the need or use of artificial hormones, genetic modified ingredients or antibiotics, which means that your menu entree is clean and of the utmost quality, packing super nutrition, and exquisite high end flavor and texture. Bolton Foods, the best frozen food delivery company in the GTA and their seemingly endless and ever growing list of amazing wild caught fish and seafoods will deliver – Taste, quality, luxury at reasonable prices and right to your front door in Oakville, Scarborough, Toronto, Mississauga, Pickering, Ottawa and most of Ontario!